We focus on two main business transition stages

Startup to Growth

TIER321 typically engages businesses focused in the later stages of startup, who have developed a product or service but are now entering the next two transitions:

  • Rapid Startup Growth

  • Maturity to Sustain

These two transition periods are some of the most difficult in a business lifecycle.

Cash flow is strained due to rapid growth, initial systems or processes no longer work across a larger team, and changes in leadership and team makeup are the highest during these phases

TIER321 helps businesses in these transitions by focusing on understanding the "why" and "what's possible" of your business, refocusing your unique value proposition, honing your financial acumen, creating or streamlining systems and processes and being your catalyst for idea generation, prioritization and execution.

Maturity to Innovation/Renewal

For more mature businesses, TIER321 focuses on specific change management projects to move from maturity to the innovation/renewal phases to avoid decline and decay:

  • Creation of new products and services to sustain growth

  • Management of New Product or Service Introductions

  • ​Designing New Supply Chains

  • ​Implement Service and Support Strategies

  • ​Integrate Company Acquisitions

  • ​Setup Engineering Outsourcing Operations

  • Guiding Your Business in Selling to and Managing Larger Customers, especially OEM's

  • Project Manage Change Initiatives, Idea Generation, Prioritization and Execution

TIER321 brings the necessary expertise to bear via partners and other consultants to address the specific key challenges of each business - there is no "one size fits all".  

The bottom line is TIER321 is here for you and your business to help manage change with you, be your idea generator and help you prioritize and execute those ideas through a cohesive plan of action.


Change Scenarios to Consider:

Business & Strategy Management

Mergers & Acquisitions

New Product & Service Introductions

Re-Organization & Alignment

Scenario & Succession Planning

Technical Project Management


TIER321 does this through a variety of possible methods: 


In-Person Individual Engagements


In-Person Team Engagements


Video Conferencing


Feel free to book a call below.  Once set, TIER321 will call the number you provide at the scheduled appointment time.  So grab a cup of coffee, and let's talk.

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