• Bob Paden

Time to Step Up?

Updated: May 9, 2018

Warning: This article may get you stirred up!

An article today in the WSJ (attached) caught my attention. At first, my first reaction was "ugh"! How terrible! But after reading the entire article (which I highly recommend), my next reaction was "is it time for US manufacturers to step up?"

The federal program funding for various statewide Manufacturing Extension Partnerships may be coming to an end with the newly released budget, all setup in past years for good reasons. The MEP program here in Indiana is a wonderful program for manufacturing businesses and has had a real, positive, lasting impact. But the gist of the article was some bemoaning the end of this program and its funding.

My question is this: is it time, with a re-started economy, some say "roaring back", to bemoan the loss of a government funded subsidy (in essence) for manufacturers? Or is it time to step up to the plate, thank the US taxpayer for the help in the short term, and prove to them and the world that we can survive on our own without help?

I realize this may rub some the wrong way, but I only ask this question in the spirit of the very thing that makes our US manufacturing base not only competitive, but able to still beat the best in the world - the American spirit of entrepreneurship, tenacity, flexibility and resilience. We can overcome a lot, despite several decades of a lackluster economy.

From what I've seen over the last year, US manufacturing is well poised for a massive growth spurt and then sustained success. Optimism is high again, things are moving, sales are increasing and ingenuity is becoming a very noticeable trait!

So let's not bemoan the loss of a program that did help us through tough times...let's embrace the opportunity that came from it and pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and get the job done on our own!

Just my thoughts for a Friday afternoon....have a great weekend.


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