• Bob Paden

Scale or Bail

A recent opinion article in the WSJ (written by Andy Kessler) suggested that college graduates should think larger than a single emotional cause to be a part of....all good causes but they are not a sustainable model of scalable change.

He instead suggests that students should pursue "boring" pursuits, that while not flashy, provide a platform for long-term change through changing their position in the market, then allowing them to make large scalable change. Giving $20 to provide clean water to a child in a far off-country is good. Creating the solution by doing the "boring work" to solve the problem long term is better.

And while I'm sure some would disagree with telling young mushy minds to not pursue their dreams or passions or even good short-term causes, I believe there are parallels within the business world.

Many businesses start with an idea, a passion or a cause. The owner invests their time, sweat and tears into the idea to bring it to reality. But somewhere in the process, they forget "the boring", the things that allow the business to truly scale.

Sound strategy, planning and execution get trumped by the big and sexier parts of the business (winning, new clients, marketing, etc.). Things that are more interesting to the owner win out over the fundamentals (financials, bookkeeping, delivery, operations, etc.).

I see this over and over again with in conversations with business owners. The rush to "ship it" provides a short-term benefit, and even an emotional high. But then reality sets in. It's not sustainable or scalable to operate this way without negative consequences. Balls get dropped. Customers get upset. Teams start fighting. Not because they don't have passion, but because they forgot "the boring". Fundamentals. Blocking and tackling. Things that are absolutely necessary for scalable growth.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, don't let things sit where they are. Frustrated by lack of scalable processes? Growing dissatisfaction by your customers? Sales flattening out? Team bickering at each other when things get tough (and they will get tough)?

It doesn't have to be this way. TIER321 can help. Give us a call and find out what is possible by getting back to basics and working on "the boring".


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