• Bob Paden

Let's Talk with Each Other, Not at Each Other

Updated: May 9, 2018

Earlier this week while traveling in the truck, I was convicted by something I heard on the radio. As most of us do now, we live in the social media world. And in doing so, we sometimes take on a little different personality than we would if we were face to face with a person. Strange phenomenon (which likely has a name I'm sure). Regardless, the challenge was this - would you be saying what you are saying on social media if the person was right in front of you? Would it have the same tone? Would it sound the same? Would you even being saying it?

The challenge from the person on the radio I was listening to involved two things: 1) choose not to engage or "defend" your position and 2) try talking to them in person instead.

This really stuck with me for the last few days and I must admit, it really convicted me both professionally and personally. It made me evaluate how I come across to other people, why I'm even "engaging" them on social media anyway (this could lead to an even larger conversation about social media, but I won't go there for now), and how we as people choose to interact with others we don't know (and sometimes those we do).

So here is my challenge to you (and myself) for the week - put down the phone, put down the FB page, put down the LI page, and just talk to people for the next week. Face to face. Over coffee (ok, maybe tea). I have a lot of coffee's in my line of work and I have found that several things happen when you do: you learn a lot about another person that you wouldn't ordinarily learn by other means and they learn more about you. Simple. But effective.

I already put this to use today...had lunch with a good friend (thanks Caleb) talking family, life, business and Purdue basketball (Boiler Up!). What a great conversation! Let's see what now occurs......


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