• Bob Paden

Coffee with the Mayor of Zionsville

I'm late in writing this, but thought I needed to finish it today. Last week, I had coffee with Tim Haak, Mayor of Zionsville. I asked for this meeting after a "State of the Town" meeting a few weeks before where he gave an overview of town plans, challenges and active projects underway. To be honest, it was my first engagement with town government despite living here 26 years. I wasn't expecting much of the meeting but was pleasantly surprised by his candor and openness. So, I asked for a coffee meeting to discuss with him some questions I had and gain his insights into the business environment within Zionsville and more long-term issues I see as a long-time resident.

I won't disclose the details of our meeting as this was a private conversation. But what I will disclose is this: Mayor Haak is a humble family man trying to do the best for Zionsville, for our residents, for our businesses. Yes, we have unique challenges and unique opportunities, and we are not Carmel or Whitestown. While I may not agree with everything that happens in Zionsville, I must admit, Mayor Haak is open to meeting with anyone to discuss their concerns. And despite my past criticism of some decisions the town has made, they are not worthy of airing in public unless I've taken the time to discuss it with town officials before or after.

We may not like everything that occurs, but we are not Carmel or Whitestown. And we never likely will be (nor do we really want to be honestly). 

I just wanted to thank Mayor Haak publicly for taking the time for a great cup of coffee and a great conversation. I hope some of you here in our town do the same. You may find him to be a real person who loves his job for all the right reasons. 


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