• Bob Paden

Change in Plans - Are You Prepared?

Updated: May 9, 2018

This wonderful view was not in my plans. However, it is this morning. While returning from a client visit out of state, my vehicle experienced some engine issues - now at the Ford dealership for a look. Of course, it was the end of the day, so Fred (yes, that was his name) advised me that it would be at least the next day (today) before they could even look at it. Ugh. Not in the plan. So I booked a hotel on-line, took the courtesy shuttle to the hotel (where I met another native born Hoosier), and spent the night. Not in the plan. But after a few hours of cooling off, I realized a few things that every businesses needs to deal with, whether they like it or not. Dealing with unexpected events and making the most of them.

First the negatives: I didn't get home to my family last night, so that was not good. My vehicle is likely to get a fresh timing chain today if I'm lucky and a nice large maintenance bill awaits me. And I have a hotel bill to deal with. But now the positives: I'm alive, it didn't die on the highway, I met a very nice customer service guy who was straight up with me named Fred, met a fellow Hoosier, was able to watch the World Series Game 6 in full due to the time zone, and now have all day to do some uninterrupted work from a comfy hotel room. Oh, and coffee. Seems like the +'s outweigh the -'s.

But, here's the real point - I was prepared. I had an app that allowed me to find/book a hotel instantly, I have my clients files with me to be productive, have a computer and phone and unlimited coffee! Can't ask for much more. So be prepared for the unexpected and expect it to occur. Plan for it. Have the simple basic tools ready when it does occur. That's smart business.

Take some time today and just think about some simple "what if's" in your business. I have no idea how big or small those are in your specific case, but take the time to deal with reality. And take actionable steps to prepare for the unexpected.


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