• Bob Paden


Updated: May 9, 2018

Warning: I'm angry. And I'm going to vent. The events that unfolded yesterday morning just remind me what a broken world we live in, and how we as a society have lost the concern for human life. And while this is a personal post, it's also a business post. The events of yesterday unfolded literally before my eyes...

On the way to visit a client in Lebanon, I heard the news on WIBC that an officer had been shot in Lebanon and schools were on lockdown. I was literally exiting off I-65 North at the fairgrounds exit when an Indiana State Police car came up on me at a high rate of speed - my first thought? Dang, I was speeding! I pulled over and he blew by at a high rate of speed, navigating the new roundabouts quite well (I must say).

I stopped in to see my client just off the exit and before we knew it, literally 20-50 police cars were zooming by on their way to the now unfolding scene just to the north. We turned on the news on the internet and watched the whole thing unfold until the 3rd man was caught.

And while we still got some business done, my mind was truly elsewhere on my way back to the office to resume my day. The whole affair just makes me angry. Truly angry. I'm not sure why, as this officer is not the first to lose his life in the line of duty by people who have truly lost any perspective on life and the impact their actions have on others. What a waste. What a total absolute waste. A wife, 2 kids. Deputy Pickett even helped unsnarl traffic at my church on weekends (yes, we clog up the roads for a bit).

We should be better than this. We are better than this. We can be better than this. I am the first to admit I likely don't show my thanks and support for our officers in Brown or Blue like I should. For that I am sorry. And that will change. In the coming days, Sherriff Neilson will likely reach out and let us, as a community of people and businesses, know what we can do to help. And I intend to help, in whatever way I can.

And I implore you, the community of Boone County, to truly make #BetterInBoone not just a slogan, but a reality. Let's not accept the "inevitable" mess that illicit drugs, crime and people who do not respect our community bring. Let's not tolerate it. And let's never forget that this officer, while doing his duty, gave the ultimate sacrifice for your safety and mine. And our businesses. His family deserves our respect and our action.

And to those in Brown and Blue, THANK YOU. For all that you do. Day in and day out. For us.


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