Bob Paden
Founder and Owner

My name is Bob Paden, founder and owner of TIER321 LLC.  I started TIER321 to help businesses navigate change through intentional strategy development, planning and execution. I have spent over 25 years of my life in and out of corporate and non-corporate environments in many different environments and roles. 


The one consistent theme from these experiences was that I was better at starting up things, dealing with the ambiguity and stress of the ramp-up, and then once up and running, turning it over to another better qualified person to operate the "machine".  This has occurred so many times over the last 25+ years in so many places I came to the conclusion that is was a skill vs. a weakness.  

From a personal standpoint, I am an imperfect Christian, married for 30 years to a wonderful wife, with one daughter about to graduate from college and a son who is a freshman running track at a NCAA Div 1 college in Indiana.  I read a lot, mostly history and business related books, while spending time traveling and being involved with our "kids" activities.  My wife and I are beginning the "empty nest" process which is both scary and exciting at the same time!  

I have a passion to help businesses grow and grow faster than their competition and work through the frustrating pathway of change.  This is what gets me up in the morning and energizes me each and every day.  I hope that we can have coffee, breakfast, lunch or just talk by phone/video-conference soon to chat about your business and your life that goes with it. 



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